Friday, September 15, 2006

New thinking- President Janez Drnovsek

A government's leaders can set the tone and priorities that citizens value. See and compare the tone of this country through an interview with Mr. Denovsek when he was Prime Minister: at
See his book, below. Not that all his ideas are implemented, but he spearheads more than consumerism.

The President of Slovenia, Janez Drnovsek, joins the many in Slovenia's history, and those of other countries, who periodically emerge to change the Powers. People like him may lose ultimately when they go against the power-finance tides, but keep watching.

Mr. Drnovsek's book. Janez Drnovsek, in taking on the Powers, takes a different tack - he has written a new age-type book, "Thoughts on Life and Awareness," that references his survival of kidney cancer and that he attributes to a vegetarian diet, positive thought processes, natural remedies and other means, including fasting. The book is reviewed in the New York Times 9/9/06, in "the Saturday Profile" section. This includes human interest stories including his discovery that he has a 19 year old daughter, and their now close relationship. He seeks to apply his new vision to world affairs.

Read the review on line at that author's blog, try the long form first, then keep shortening it until you get it. How much easier a direct link would be.

Rethinking leaders? Yes.

An interview with Mr. Denovsek when he was Prime Minister, his articles and speeches, are at