Tuesday, January 22, 2008

European Union - Slovenia Holds Current Presidency

The value or membership in the European Union to a small nation - here, small-sized Slovenia enjoys its turn at the rotating presidency trio of the EU: Slovenia, Germany and Portugal this time. Jose Manuel Barroso lays out his priorities at ://ec.europa.eu/commission_barroso/president/focus/slovenian-presidency/index_en.htm. See ://www.eu2007.de/en/The_Council_Presidency/trio/index.html (German perspective) and ://www.mzz.gov.si/fileadmin/pageuploads/Novinarsko_sredisce/sta/maj-ang.pdf (Slovenian perspective). Slovenia presides beginning 2008.

Particular interest: the issue of Kosovo's independence arises in 2008, see topic already in headlines, at ://eux.tv/article.aspx?articleId=19700. Meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia's capital, already held in January 2008. See Ljubljana posts here for photos.

However, Russia and the United States apparently are not attending. Great, guys. Slovenia is a neighbor in the Balkans, was part of the old Yugoslavia, as was Serbia and Kosovo, Croatia and Bosnia and Montenegro - it has unique knowledge and perspective. Listen up, someone, please.