Thursday, November 17, 2016

Melania Knavs Trump: Speechgate. Collegegate. Modelmoneygate. Amends Update.

Sometimes even a tourist who would love to go back to Slovenia, finds more contemporary issues on the mind. How do all of us present ourselves abroad, and is it ever appropriate to call out someone from another country for problems made by that person when they migrate.  Here, initially, the response to early shortcuts was not a problem, but it has magnified. So, with great respect for Slovenia, consider scratched the earlier post giving some slack to Melania for plagiarized speech-gate. I think that is fair. Now we have more: false resume college-gate, and always did have the illegal earnings, payday-gate and the peasants are not happy.*

No point in looking back at whether matters were addressed earlier or not. Now, is there a way for amends to be made.Here are two routes -- one clearly a pipedream, but one never knows.  I will give consideration, something of value, if Melania and Donald will alsol give up something of value, even unbalanced on the scales,but money isn't everything. To those who have, much will be required..

1.  How to make bygones be bygones?  How do Trumps make amends for exploiting people's desire to believe, to get a fair shake.

This is hard. Melania's list of spin and falsification is not as heavy as his, but still. She should have known better. *  What to do?  I make an offer for amends.  
  • Melania, this is what you get. On the table over there is an old volume, The Republican Party, a photographic history from 2003, by Adam Smith.  Somebody on ebay wants to sell his/hers for $36.00 or so.  
    • In it, there is a two-page spread photograph of Donald Trump and wife in glamorous surroundings with uniformed men and women looking like butlers and maids lined up in a serious semicircle, not looking happy, with the twosome in the center, lolling back in a relaxed slouch, very satisfied. Inhale the mahogany, the leather.  The section is called The Gilded Era, or some such.  Collectible now. Bet those people on ebay up the price.
  • You only get it, however, when you do this: Set up a  -- no, that won't work. No profit in it. Try this.  Melania sets up an after tax fund to pay -- what? Egad, this is hard. They won't want to do anything that does not add to the personal bottom line. 
  •  Donald, how about you substituting yourself for Melania. Donald Trump shall do all of the following to make up for years of spin and exploitation in the business and political world, and he gets the book. No electoral college vote yet.  The Electoral College shall not meet to vote until
    • You divest yourself of your assets, a true blind trust; and
    • All your pending lawsuits are concluded with any settlement terms to be made public, including the newest lawsuit you had filed in DC to lower your real estate taxes
    • All your sworn testimony and pleadings similarly to be made public,  no sealing of files. 
    • Your three most recent tax returns are made public. 
  • In addition, 
    • You resign if States and Parties do not free Electors to vote conscience where the popular vote goes the other way, and without civil or criminal penalty or fine
    • Meanwhile, There shall be no president at all (just like no ninth justice) in the interim; we welcome Joe Biden as acting President.
2. What?  No go? 

So I take my offer back.  I keep my dumb book. I also have The Democratic Party, by Dr. Peter J. Ling, also 2003.  The Democratic photo book is not as collectible, no glam Trump photos inside, but it stands for less exploitation than the Republican one. 

I also have ideas for party slogans.  Republican party slogan as More Exploitation!  Democratic party slogan as Less Exploitation!  Are we happy yet? Will the peasants stop their revolting? They wanted basic things. And Trump is now suing DC to reduce his taxes??
.................................................................................Peasants' Revolt, Castle Hill, Memorial, Ljubljana, Slovenia

See; and is this the specific Tolmin Revolt? See

Making amends for exploiting, disregarding.
  • The Trumps' steps are easy: strokes of pens to undo spin, undoing the exploiting of people seeking change, any change. Reputations restored. 
  • Mine is hard. A real collectible Republican book. We couldn't find anything for Melania to do, so we turn to DJT to do things on her behalf.  In return, I will give them, free of further charge, a fine Republican collectible. 

B) The plagiarized speech (surely someone with business smarts would check what is to be said on national news), Speech-gate here.  and 
C) Money-gate, see  Enter the tabloids, always finding inconsistencies and drawing conclusions, like a marriage green-card issued years before she married DJT, all that you can look up if you want. 

Monday, September 19, 2016

History of the Slovenes. Trace indigenous language, and later Indo-European.

Slovene History and Language. The Veneti? 
Weeding out political interference and other peoples' nationalism.

Linguistics. Examine connections between Sanskrit and Slovene, for example, and figure out when the two branches merged. Can it be done? Some sites claim that the Slovenes are South Slavic in language. See
  • For Slovenes, this is a disparagement. Slavs have been seen as somehow less than Indo-Europeans see the debate about origins, in the book, Veneti: First Builders of European Community, Tracing the History and Language of Early Ancestors of Slovenes by Dr. Jožko Šavli, Matej Bor, and Ivan Tomažič in 1988.  Who are they? A professor, a linguist and a priest.  See this review of History of the Slovenes in Europe by Anton Skerbinc, at

The view at History of the Slovenes in Europe is different. The claim there is that the Slovenes are not South Slavs coming to the area in the 6th Century, thus mere interlopers and not indigenous, as had been argued (largely for reasons of nationalism?). As interlopers, they could be subject to forced assimilation.

Instead, they are West Slavs, related to the Urnfield people of Central Europe, Venetic, descended from the earliest known people there, with a long, long history, see site. In 2000 BCE, the languages of the Slovenes (indigenous Slavic), and the language of the later-arriving Indo-Europeans merged.

Now turn to The Linguistic Roots of Europe, Origin and Development of European Languages, ed. Robert Mailhammer et al, (2015), and find a resolution: There is a mix of influences despite the greater numbers of Slavs and others' adoption of their language. Meet the Finnic language speakers, and the Norse. The topic arises not only for Slovenia, but in what is now Russia. Find a "symbiotic relationship" among the Norse, who were the elite and spoke, yes, Norse; the  Chuds in the Novgorod-Pskov area (who spoke Finnic, perhaps now South Estonian) and the Slovenes who both were the "people", spoke Slavic).  See page 92.

The traces of earlier languages remain. Language roots can indeed provide clues to history. The history of any people is impacted by later barrages of nationalism or other rewrites of history, however, to suit some self-image. So history as taught becomes one with ideology.  What are students taught in Slovenia? There is a strong effort to Slavicize Russian history, apparently. Has it spread.  Look at this video of expansion of the Slavs, at The assumption is that numbers and language mean dominant influence, and that is not so. Who made this video?  It looks Slavic motivational, which would be fine if disclosed.

 1.  Flaws in generalizing.  A dominant influence can come from an elite group, not the masses who outnumber them; rulers from another group such as the Scandinavian Rurikids ruling the Slavs among the Rus from 862-1598, a matter not addressed by the pretty colors here. Slovenes were numerous but did not rule.

2.  Narratives are split on the origins and impact Slavs. The problem remains that these kinds of simplistic color-coordinated displays show none of the population-cultural mixes that shaped the larger group, even dominated it.  Linguistics is not domination.  The point:  Evidence is out there, but it is twisted and turns with nationalism driving out history and inserting whatever.  I think we knew that before. Some researching comes up with no vast conclusions, just an appreciation for scholarship.